Baboureya Market - سوق البابورية

⚪ This event has ended

A market selling agricultural and food products, handicrafts and artworks every Saturday in the old town

Event Details

  • Every Saturday, Oct.2020 - Dec.2020

  • Birzeit Old City


Baboureya Market Contains

small wooden works, and souvenir

Palestinian ceramics

Palestinian ceramic selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our kitchen & dining shops

Palestinian pickles

Palestinian embroidery

Palestinian embroidery is a rich artistic tradition that has been passed down by mothers to their daughter through generations. Designs vary from village to village. Because the work is time-consuming, embroidered pieces of worn out articles are often cut out and used to embellish smaller items

Palestinian henna

Henna is used during wedding celebrations in Palestine begin the night before the ceremony when the women of the bride's family and her female friends gather for a joyous “Mehndi (henna) Night” of songs, dances, games, and, most importantly, skin decorations with henna. That of the bride is always the most exquisite and complex.

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