“Palestine: Tales of Hospitality” is an EU-funded project that ensures a welcome and assistance to the visitors of Palestinian villages before, during, and after their travel.



A visit to a Palestinian village gives travelers the chance to go deeper into the Palestinian culture and history, avoiding the approach of “hit-and-run”, where the tourists research where to find monuments, visit, photograph them and ‘run’ away.

The local guides/interpreters will describe the monuments not only as examples of art and architecture, but as keys to read the history of a people. They will introduce the guests to local residents in their own homes, encourage them to take an active part in the experiences of the day-to-day work and life, prepare, bake and taste the dishes of the rich gastronomy… all in addition to making new friends.

If you would like to savour Palestinian desserts, grab the chance to participate in a cooking demonstration or a lesson in order to learn more about the sweets, and all that surrounds each one (traditions, recipes, tales).

The visitors will feel welcomed as friends, more than just tourists and, through the help of your local guide, you will be embraced by the warm Palestinian hospitality.

It is not possible to pre-set a time limit for the visit, as it is not possible to pre-set a time limit for the friendship.


In Palestine, the visitor can select public or private, shared or individual transport.

1. Arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

1.1 Shared minivan

  • Nesher Sherut Company – Located outside the arrival gate

  • Route starts every hour to Jerusalem, with stops in front of the Jerusalem Hotel, near the Old City, the Ramallah bus station, and near the American Colony Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah.

  • Cost: 67 ILS per person

  • Estimated time: 60 minutes

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1.2 Private taxi

  • Located outside the arrival gate

  • Cost from the airport to Jerusalem is approximately 250 ILS

  • Estimated time: 45-60 minutes

1.3 Train

  • Located outside the arrival gate

  • Transfer to Jerusalem Light Rail train (tram) that reaches the Damascus Gate, Old City of Jerusalem.

  • Walk from there to Ramallah bus station (not far on foot)

  • Cost: 25 ILS

  • Every half hour, the route starts from the airport to Jerusalem central bus station

  • Estimated time: 30 minutes

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1.4 Rent a car

  • Several rental companies at the airport.

  • Prices vary according to the season. An Israeli licensed car [yellow plate] can travel anywhere within the Israeli and Palestinian territories.

  • Make sure to rent a car from a company whose insurance covers the West Bank area.

  • A car can also be rented from Jerusalem or Ramallah. A Palestinian licensed car [green plate] can only travel within the Palestinian territories and not, for examples, to Jerusalem.

Find Transport to Jerusalem

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2 Arriving from the King Hussein / Allenby Bridge

2.1 A shared taxi

  • Located at the exit gate of the Bridge that drops off travelers in Wadi Joz area

  • If you prefer to be dropped off at the Ramallah Bus Station in East Jerusalem, ask the driver upon embarkation.

  • Cost: 50 ILS

  • Estimated time: ?? minutes

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2.2 A private taxi

  • Cost: 200 ILS directly from the Bridge to Ramallah or Jerusalem.

3. From Jerusalem to Ramallah

3.1 Public transportation

  • Public transportation will cross the Qalandia Checkpoint (Israeli military checkpoint).

  • From the Ramallah bus station (green buses known among locals) located next to the Jerusalem Hotel in Nablus Road, you can take bus #218 that goes directly to Ramallah center.

  • Cost: 7.20 ILS

  • Estimated time: 45-90 minutes depending on traffic at the Qalandia checkpoint

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3.2 Private taxi

  • Estimated cost varies depending on drop off point, starting from 100 ILS

4. From Ramallah or Jerusalem to other governorates and villages

Public transportation

  • From the bus station located in the Ramallah city center or Jerusalem, you can take a shared taxi to any governorate in the Palestinian territory.

  • Shared taxis go to the main cities, and from there you can take another shared taxi to the desired village or town.

  • In Ramallah and Jerusalem, multiple taxi stops are scattered around the cities.

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