11Mar 2023

Cactus in Palestine

Salameh Shabib - Ministry Of Agriculture

Recently, due to climate change and the movement of invasive insects from neighboring countries, cactus has become endangered due to the spread of cochineal insect, if it is not combated. This insect affects only cactus and is known by its dark red color, due to its secretion of the carmine scarlet liquid. Its original habitat is tropical and subtropical forests in America and Mexico.

11Mar 2023

Food Heritage... Nature's Treasure

Environmental Education Center

Family members collects khubeizeh from valleys, plains, and orchards. They calso collect al-'awina, al-silk, thyme, Elet, warak el-lisan (Lisanat al-Quds), sorrel, loofah, za'amout, 'aqoub, al-sami'a, al-sinaria and other plants in winter to decorate the table. Family also collects chamomile, sagebrush, zaaitman, hasa el-ban, shumar, Persian thyme, and others in making hot drinks and therapeutic recipes.

04Jan 2023

Tourism Development in the Old City - Hebron

Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC)

Tourism is directly associated with cultural heritage, which is considered to be one of its important components, where elements of cultural heritage and values that distinguish them, which can be historical, architectural, artistic, or symbolic, are themselves elements of tourism attraction.

03Jan 2023


The Environmental Education Center

We need to have community tourism that deals with environment in high sense. Maintains the biodiversity and does not compromise its elements. We dream about a tourism through which no rare wild flowers are picked, no bird habitats are destroyed, no tall and very old trees are cut, but to have a tourism that contributes to their proliferation, scattering seeds, planting seedlings and to be protected by all means. We further dream about a community tourism during which no bonfires are lit in the fields, natural areas and reserves; a tourism that does not transform beautiful wilderness into a random dumps, but it teaches children the name of sites, trees, plants, birds and everything.

05Nov 2022

Olive harvest 2022

Ministry of Agriculture

Olives are the largest agricultural crop in Palestine; they constitute more than 45% of the total agricultural area, and more than 85% of horticultural trees planted in Palestine. Additionally, (100) thousand families (more than 600 thousand people) work in this sector.

09Feb 2022

Policy adviser

Rozana is currently looking for a Policy Advisor to join our small family for a period of 2 years starting March 2022. The Policy Advisor will work under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and in cooperation with the Advocacy Officers of Palvision and JTC.

08Nov 2021

Rozana Association intervention to the UN

Rozana Association for the Development of Architectural Heritage participated in the presentation session of the Independent Commission for Human Rights “ICHR”’s parallel report on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights before the Working Group - of the International Covenant on Economic,