The Rozana Association is a non-governmental organization located in the historical area of Birzeit Town. It was established in 2007 to promote sustainable development in rural Palestine. Through its partnerships and networks with other Palestinian organizations and entities, Rozana has implemented a community-based, socially-responsible approach that strengthen existing resources and capacities to develop community competencies that can generate income and improve the quality of village lives.

Rozana’s work is focused on five main areas: Architectural Heritage, Trails and Tours, Cultural Events, Community Capacity Building, and Networks and Partnerships.
On March 2021; Rozana Association and its 3 partners, namely the Palestinian Vision (PalVision), Jerusalem Tourism Cluster (JTC) and Youth Without Borders Forum (YWBF have been granted a three years project by the EU entitled “Cultural Rights for Inclusive and Equitable Palestinian Development Process”- “Fanar Project”.
The Overall Goal of the action aspires the promotion of culture and the enhancement of the cultural/ touristic rights for sustainable development, based on gender equity, rights of minorities, and promotion of available diverse and rich cultural and touristic resources in rural and marginalized Palestinian communities that have been historically neglected from any serious development strategies.

The project will support cultural and cultural touristic CBOs / clusters/ networks to:
(1) Enhance the space to operate for CBOs and citizens;
(2) Improve their participation in decision-making processes at local and national levels;
(3) Improve capacity, transparency, accountability and sustainability of CBOs, in particular empower small and medium sized CSOs.

Rozana is currently looking for a Policy Advisor to join our small family for a period of 2 years starting March 2022. The Policy Advisor will work under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and in cooperation with the Advocacy Officers of Palvision and JTC.
• Deliver intensive 60 hours training on Advocacy and Communication (including use of digital campaigns).
• Prepare a bimonthly online newsletter on key developments, challenges and messages regarding cultural and touristic rights.
• Develop Advocacy Strategy to include a power map and create a list of targeted duty bearers and influencers.
• Design and supervise NEPTO consultation meetings with CBOs and HR organisations, design and implement National Advocacy Campaign.
• Supervise the content developed for social media and other platforms to ensure it is in line with the advocacy plan.
• Provide consultation to develop the monitoring system of cultural violations and contribute to the flow of information among various human rights organizations and other partners.
• Prepare periodic reports on progress of work, challenges and recommendations.
• Participate in the bi-weekly project’s Technical Committee meetings.

Job Requirements
Desired Qualifications:
• University degree in Communication or Journalism.
• Knowledge in the Palestinian Cultural scene and challenges
• 5 years of experience in providing training on Advocacy and Communication and developing social media campaigns.
• Ability to develop Advocacy strategies.
• Strong ability to communicate in Arabic and English "spoken and written"
• Ability to travel freely within West Bank and Jerusalem.
• Ability to work in different cultural contexts.
Starting date: 1st March 2022

For interested people in applying to this position, please send you CV enclosed with a cover letter to email: by Feb 15th 2022.

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