The visit of a Palestinian village, gives you the chance to get deeper in the Palestinian culture and history, avoiding the approach “hit-and-run” where the tourists research on the map the monuments, visit and photograph them and run away.
The monuments are more than examples of art and architecture: are a key to read the history of a People.
Taste the rich gastronomy is a chance for meeting the locals, enjoy the food specialties in their own home and have the opportunity to know deeper the Palestinian culture and share experience with the hosts.
If you’d like to taste Palestinian sweets, grab the chance to assist to a show-cooking or a lesson in order to know more about them and all what surrounds (tradition, recipes, tales …).
You will feel welcomed as a friend, more than a tourist and, driven by your local guide - interpreter, you’ll enter the fascinating world of the Palestinian hospitality.
It is not possible to pre-set a time limit for the visit, as it is not possible to pre-set a time limit for the friendship.